Did Bitcoin Era appear on the This Morning TV Show?

Did Bitcoin Era appear on the This Morning TV Show?

If you have been following Bitcoin developments, you may have come across an advert or 2 with words such as “Billionaire Richard Branson finally invests in Bitcoin!!!” or “This Morning show endorses Bitcoin trader X!!!”, and so on.

Well, it was all but a fat lie meant to lure you into Bitcoin scams that have to date affected tens of millions globally.

In the UK alone, 1000’s have raised concerns with the regulatory watch dog, even as investigations continue to take centre stage.

However, questions have emerged on whether some of the endorsement claims were valid, and if the mentioned persons &TV shows could have indeed embraced the said platforms.

Today, we uncover the truth about the alleged endorsement of Bitcoin trading App, Bitcoin Era by This Morning show.

An Overview of  Bitcoin Era This Morning

Founded in 1988, This Morning is a Britain TV show airing all across the UK. Being one of the most well-known television programmes, the show commands a decent viewership.

This Morning features among other segments news, topical items, showbiz, style and beauty, home, food, health, real life, among others.

The first hosts of This Morning were Richard Madeley & Judy Finnigan, who served for about Ten years before the current team that includes Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Ruth Langsford, & Eamonn Holmes.

On an average day, stats indicate that more than One million viewers tune into the show, marking one of the highest ITV prime time viewership.

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is one of the few auto-trading Bitcoin platforms available to beginner & advanced traders. With the app, users only need to register and place a minimum deposit of about £200 and they’re ready to start earning from the crypto markets.

The tool’s built-in algorithm allows it to analyse the markets, enter, hold, and sell Bitcoin when the prices are favourable, affordable its users a 99% shot at attaining profitability with each trade, according to Bitcoin Era.

While the concept behind it’s a great invention, it sad to see so much controversy surrounding it. But are the allegations justifiable?

We will find that out in a moment.

Did This Morning endorse Bitcoin Era?

We will be straight with you on this one – we crisscrossed the internet for any trace of the source of the endorsement allegations but all led to sources other than Bitcoin Era & This Morning. Meaning, none of the 2 platforms directly or otherwise posted or made the claim.

That leaves us with third parties as potential suspects in the scam as we are about to find out.

Why’s the media all over the story?

When news of This Morning endorsing Bitcoin Era went live, the internet exploded with mixed reactions. Some questioned the authenticity of the info while others were convinced beyond reasonable doubt & all they could do was invest, invest, and invest.

But as fate would have, monies were lost, dreams shattered, & bank accounts left empty.

So who in our opinion is responsible for the loss?

Our sources established that a plot had been schemed by some online marketers to earn sign-up commissions through affiliate programs as well as sponsored ads.

But even with that, several warnings had been sounded by This Morning against the purported endorsement.

Should you trust Bitcoin Era?

With the multiple Bitcoin scandals associated with Bitcoin Era, one would not be mistaken to dismiss the platform. While we don’t justify the actions of any parties in this investigative post, we furnish you with critical information to enable you to make sound judgements. Check out our full review of Bitcoin Era, read through carefully before rushing into any decision.

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